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About The Nerve Scheme

Formed in 2007 in a fit of rage. We drive around the United States and play music, we even take airplanes every now and then. We have a record and some CD's out on Jailhouse Records, and we're on lots of comps. Dave from Jailhouse Records vomited on our equipment once. Bobby ran over a gas pump in Birmingham Alabama on one tour. Greg is the sex symbol in the band, and he is related to Pee Wee Herman. One time we saw Paul Simon at a White Castle somewhere in Ohio. Hector likes to drink energy drinks before bed so he can "dream fast". We've played and toured with lots of good bands, and some terrible ones too. Lesbians really like our music. We're gonna put out music until it's not fun anymore, and right now, we're having a blast. Get stoked.

Band Members

  • hector
    Hector: Guitar & Vocals
  • greg
    Greg: Bass
  • bobby
    Bobby: Drums

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